A Few Of Bear Grylls’ Grossest Meals

Bear Grylls has had some gnarly meals in the past. The famous adventurer will eat or drink just about anything – all for the sake of good entertainment. Yet, no matter how disturbing his endeavors are, we can’t seem to change the channel. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here are some of the grossest meals Grylls has willingly chosen to consume:

1. Elephant dung juice
A Few Of Bear Grylls Grossest Meals  - Clapway

In one episode, Grylls warns us that it’s not safe to drink water from sources that may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. What’s the better alternative? Well according to the survivalist, squeezing fluid out of elephant’s dung will do the trick.

2. Rancid camel
After coming across a dead camel carcass, Grylls decided to make the most out of his good fortune by feasting on its meat and then crawling inside of it to use as a shelter. He even managed to fashion a nice, warm blanket out of its skin.

3. His own urine
He swears he’s never done it before, but we have our doubts. While traveling through Australia, Grylls found himself low on water. He then proceeded to take a few sips of his own urine from his canteen. Apparently, it tastes “warm” and “salty.”

4. Raw goat testicles
A Few Of Bear Grylls Grossest Meals  - Clapway

According to Grylls, raw goat testicles might be the most disgusting thing he’s ever eaten – either that or frozen yak balls. This might be a bit descriptive, but as soon as he put them in his mouth, “it just melted with cold sperm.”

5. Frozen yak eyeball
While in Siberia, Grylls encountered yet another carcass – this time of a frozen yak. However, with no fire to defrost the meat, Grylls decided to carve out the animal’s eyeball and consume that instead.

6. Polluted water enema
In 1971, a British family survived 38 days while on a life raft because the mother knew that they could ingest polluted water through the butt. Yep. While in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Grylls re-creates this unfortunate situation by taking it up from the other end.

7. Giant beetle larva
A Few Of Bear Grylls Grossest Meals  - Clapway

In Zambia, Southern Africa, Grylls eats the king of all larvae. As he bites into it, blood and yellow goo explodes out of his mouth – almost as “if all your mates stuffed their boogers into a sausage.”