An Everyday Exploration


It’s a captivating word. It transports, motivates, and enthralls us.

It makes us dream about the beauty of the past and the possibilities of the future…all from the comfort of our living rooms and cubicles. Yet, that’s the reality of the modern world, it’s the 21st century’s curse. We have iPhones, YouTube, Instagram, and let’s not forget about Google. We don’t ever have to go out and actually experience the world; our computer screens suffice. Is it possible we secretly feel daunted by the idea of being an explorer or worse, have lost the understanding of what it truly means to explore?

Sunset - Clapway

We sit behind our desks thinking there is no way I could be an explorer. Passively we say, “that is for someone else,” for those “people.” We all know them. They are the outdoorsy kind, the adventurous individuals—the ones that live in exciting places and have exhilarating careers. We tell ourselves that journeying outside our comfort zones is strictly for the true explorers of the world, but of course, never for us. Then it begins again – the rigorous routine of browsing National Geographic photos, scrolling through other explorers Instagram’s and searching hashtags like, #neverstopexploring, #exploreeverything – hoping it will cure our ever aching urge to see what’s on the other side of our comfort zone. We become satisfied by going home each night and cuddling up to another go around of Walter Mitty.

But what if it is possible that each and every one of us can truly live exciting lives and be an everyday explorer? You may be asking yourself “How do I become an explorer?” It’s rather quite simple. All it takes is getting up from the cozy couch that has become a permanent fixture in your daily routine and saying no to National Geographic, Instagram explorations and yes, even Walter Mitty. Take the first step out the front door and open your arms to the warm invitation of fresh air.

Rock Clapway

In reality, we all are already explorers; we all live someplace that other people come to visit to get away from their normal lives. People seek refuge from the hustling noise of the big city in the comforting arms of small towns. Those who call the sparkling beaches home, run to the crisp air of the mountains for getaways and the rain soaked states venture south in search of the ever-inviting sun. It can be easy to forget that our jobs, homes, neighborhoods and even lives are something that other people crave to explore. What we possibly see as an everyday routine is an everyday explorers newest adventure. All it takes is seeing the space you live in with fresh eyes and choosing to take the first step away from the safety of your front porch or continual call of your office. Grab a friend or twelve and go someplace local that you’ve never been, even if it’s just a new coffee shop. Fall in love with your town, city, state, and country. Be empowered to live outside of the mundane. You’ll find that the thirst for adventure will quickly pull you outside your backyard and refresh both your perspective and your life.

Say it with me, “I am an everyday explorer.” 

Her with sweater Clapway