Google Maps Helps Travelers Beat Thanksgiving Traffic

Many travelers, if not most, go back home during the holidays. It’s a trip that’s met with both anxiety and excitement: “What should I bring to eat? Will they like my short hair? How can I beat traffic?”

Well, no need to worry about that last question anymore.

Earlier on Tuesday, Google Maps disclosed Thanksgiving traffic information for over 20 major cities across the United States as means to combat road chaos. The corporation used data from the Monday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday after from the previous two holiday seasons to help nationwide travelers plan the most efficient time schedules and navigational routes.

“You should spend your holidays with friends and family—not behind the wheel of a car,” said Google Maps Product Manager Aaron Nelson, referring to the chief reason for the information’s release. “To save you from traffic headaches this Thanksgiving, we’re giving you a look at Turkey Day traffic and trends, powered by Google Maps.”

Here’s an idea of what travelers should expect and steer clear of on the week of Monday, November 24 to Sunday, November 30:

Worst Day To Travel
Of the 21 major cities observed, the Wednesday of Thanksgiving eve is the absolute worst day to travel. There are exceptions, however: Boston’s worst day to travel is on the Tuesday, while Honolulu, Providence, and San Francisco’s is on Saturday.

Worst Time For Traffic
Seemingly, the nation’s worst time for traffic also falls on the Wednesday before the holiday between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. as most people rush out of work or school. In Honolulu, however, the worst time for traffic on Thanksgiving week is on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. In order to avoid getting stuck behind the wheel, Google suggests leaving an hour before or two hours after.

Second Worst Day To Travel
Both Saturday and Tuesday contend for the second and third most substantial traffic days. Surprisingly, Black Friday doesn’t bring out heavy amounts of road traffic, though it’s an entirely different story on the web and in retail malls.

Best Day To Drive Home
Forget driving home on Saturday; the findings revealed that it’s best to drive back to your dwellings on Sunday, as traffic can be up to a significant 40 percent worse on Saturday.

To view all of Google’s statistics, click here.