Arki: Your Walking Coach | Trend Review

Launched November 2014 by ZIKTO, Arki is a wearable band that helps its users walk in a healthier, more balanced form. Similar to a training coach, the gadget looks over walking posture to provide its wearers with solutions to their trouble areas, while also featuring basic tracking functions like a pedometer and calorie information.

Arki: Your Walking Coach | Trend Review  - Clapway

The wristwear’s sensors monitor swing speed of the arms, rotation angle, and vibration generated from feet as they hit the ground to completely study a user’s walking habits. Once information is gathered and accessed, Arki provides its users with real-time haptic feedback to promote “Sound Walking,” which stands to mean good walking. Arki enthusiasts can even check their daily, weekly, and monthly Sound Walking progress via the app.

In terms of balance, Arki uses the imperfections of the body, which result in different left and right arm swings, to its advantage by comparing them in order to offer efficient feedback. The brand states:

“Normally, you wear Arki on your preferred side. But if you wear Arki on the other arm once a week or month, Arki can collect data from both arms. In this way, Arki can tell you which part of your body is imbalanced and provide a personalized workout recommendation by fitness professionals and physical therapists to get your body balance back. Currently, we are collaborating with a top medical center and private gym to verify our body balance solution.”

What’s more, because each person’s stride is unique in the same way fingerprints are, Arki is additionally capable of biometric authentication. Users can lock and unlock their computer or smartphone by simply moving the mouse with Arki on the wrist.

Though it may seem like a nonessential gadget, Arki is indeed well connected to everyday life for most people. As the brand points out, the average person walks a lot: With 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, the average person covers a total of 115,000 miles; in other words, more than four times the circumference of the globe.

And unlike other similar products in the market, Arki boasts a chic design that’s stylish and straps that are interchangeable, making it easy for users to match their bands with both fancy ensembles and more relaxed outfits.

Arki: Your Walking Coach | Trend Review  - Clapway

Pre-order packages for Arki start at $99.00, with shipping expected in April. To fund the project or find out more information, click here.