11 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Weekday

It’s Monday – the beginning of another workweek. Work. Home. Sleep. Repeat. Sigh. This cycle would be a lot more fun if we spiced it up here and there, no? Below are 11 ways to add more adventure Monday through Friday, forever.

1. Food
Always eat the same thing for lunch? Maybe it’s time to try something new.

2. Hair
And by hair, I mean beards, too. Whether it’s styling your hair differently, letting your stubble do its thing, or adding chunks of color, change the do!

3. Go Out On A Weeknight
I’m not talking about getting wasted here – I’m talking about culturally submerging yourself into your surroundings. Visit a new exhibit. Buy tickets to watch a local band. Walk through the park. Whatever it is you do, it’ll be nice change of pace from your everyday routine.

4. Exercise
Dare to be brave and take on working out after a long workday. (Something I don’t do enough of.) Sign up for a class – Pilates, boxing, yoga, etc. – and make some friends while you’re at it.

5. Express Yourself
The fun thing about this one is you don’t necessarily have to leave the comfort of your home to let out your emotions. Write. Dance. Sing. Draw. Or simply talk. The release will feel a-mazing.

6. Laugh More
Because, well, why not? Tee-hee.

7. New Music
Finding new tunes to listen to is always really exciting for me. I often surf through music sites and come across new artists and songs that make me feel all kinds of emotions – from heartbroken to smitten – in a matter of minutes. Think of it like an adventure for your ears.

8. Travel to Work Differently
Alter your commute and explore your city.

9. Read
If you already read, read more; if you don’t read, start to. If you normally like to read about romance, switch it up for something mysterious and unusual or political and serious. Books contain countless adventures and fascinating worlds – dive into all of them nose first.

10. Clothes
If you’re anything like me, you don’t wear any patterns. Or color. Ever. So this one is just as much for me as it is for you: Spice up your wardrobe and throw in some prints and zest.

11. Learn Something New
And say yes more.