Travel Smart With Bluesmart: The World’s First Connected Carry-On

Travel is exciting, but the actual flight experience leaves a lot to be desired. We’ve all experienced what I’m talking about: unnecessary delays, lost luggage, and panicked searches for outlets in airports. Any of these factors (or a combination thereof) can easily spoil your trip before you even get the chance to step out of the airplane. Fortunately, Bluesmart: World’s First Smart, Connected Carry-On will allow even the most forgetful traveler to fly with peace of mind.

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What is the Bluesmart?
The Bluesmart is essentially a “high-quality carry-on suitcase” that you can control using a multi-functional mobile application. It boasts several nifty features that are so darn clever, you wonder why no one thought of them before:

1. Weigh it
Have you ever had to remove the contents of your luggage at the airport because it was too heavy? Avoid public demonstrations of your undergarments by pulling on the handle of the Bluesmart. Doing so will allow you to check the weight of your luggage through the app thanks to Bluesmart’s built-in digital scale.

2. Never lose your luggage again
If you’re the type to lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders, you’ll come to appreciate this next feature. In the event you get separated from your Bluesmart, it will lock automatically. You will also receive notice if you leave it behind or if someone attempts to open it without granted access.

3. No more socket face-offs
A delayed flight is bad, but delayed flight without entertainment or Wi-Fi? You might as well crawl into a corner. That’s why Bluesmart inclues a super powerful battery charger that can simultaneously charge up two devices.

4. Track your luggage
You can locate your Bluesmart through the “Bluesmart network,” that will eventually grow to cover the whole planet in the future. Your app will also track the last recorded location of your carry-on with a proximity heat map.

5. Jetsetter
To prove to your friends how cultured and well-traveled you are, check in with your Bluesmart app to get real-time reports on your travel habits – from miles traveled to time spent in each country.

To check out the Bluesmart on Indiegogo, click here.

Travel Smart With Bluesmart: The World's First Connected Carry-On  - ClapwayPhoto Courtesy of