Sebastien Toutant Talks Tattoos, Dates, And Snowboarding

Clapway was recently lucky enough to speak to renowned pro snowboarder Sebastien Toutant – or as many know him, Seb Toots. The big air competitor was the third person to land a triple cork in 2011, has won top awards at Snowboard Big Air and X Games, and was a member of the 2014 Canadian Olympic team. We spoke to the 22-year-old athlete about everything, from his eclectic tattoos to his unique snowboarding style, to his biggest personal accomplishment.

Q: I understand that you first started off as a skier and then transitioned into snowboarding. Can you tell us a little bit about the transition?
I started skiing when I was like four years old. And then at the age of nine, I broke my skies and my mom told me I had to use my older brother’s snowboard. At first, I was mad and I didn’t want to snowboard because I was used to skiing – two days later, I wasn’t even thinking of skiing anymore.

Q: What exactly is slopestyle snowboarding and what do you love most about it?
Slopestyle snowboarding is a full run with rails and jumps. I like it because you never know what they are going to put in the run, so you have to be good on all features.

Q: How did you come to develop your own unique style of snowboarding?
Riding pretty much everyday.

Q: To date, what is your greatest achievement and why?
My first Gold Medal at X Games slopestyle, because it was my first year doing it and to have won it as a rookie is awesome.

Q: We noticed you have an amazing track record, winning podium spots at events like the FIS world Cup, Winter X Games, and Ride Shakedown. What runs through your mind before you perform at such big competitions? Do you have any rituals?
I just try to have fun and focus on the runs I really want to do.

Q: When it comes to competitions, is it more about luck or skill?
Skills, consistency, and have the judges on your side haha.

Q: Is there a tough competitor on the scene that you’re keeping your eye out for?
I think everyone at this level has a chance to win. It all comes down to which competitor lands his run that day at that time.

Q: Are there any future projects or events in the works?
A lot of new events are coming up for snowboarders. I try to do the best I can at competing and film a lot on the side.

Q: You have a lot of tattoos – do you have a favorite?
I have one sleeve and a front arm tattoo. I’m really stoked on my sleeve, because it’s an idea I had for a while and it really represents my life.

Q: What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Snowboarding with my friends.

Q: If you have to pick between a surfboard, skateboard, and snowboard to be permanently glued onto for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Snowboard for sure. 

Q: Clapway focuses on the theme of adventure. In your own words, how do you define adventure?
My life is an adventure. I think everyone should see his or her life as an adventure.

Sebastien Toutant offers some words of wisdom:

Q: What traits do you think are important when it comes to being successful in life?
Fun, perseverance, and following your dreams.

Q: What are three mountains that you recommend our readers snowboard on at least once in their lifetime?
Mammoth, Whistler, and Keystone.

Q: As an Olympian snowboarder, you must get a lot of numbers…do you have any advice for someone who might not have such luck?
Just be yourself and don’t try too hard.

Q: If your advice pans out as planned and our readers snatch a number…what do you suggest they do – or go to eat – on their first date?
Getting food and going to a party is always good.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to chase their dreams, whatever they may be
There’s no dream that is too big to accomplish…if you believe in yourself then it’ll happen at some point.