Why I Bought My Sister A $500 Ticket To Costa Rica

My sister is 3 years older than me and winces every time she accesses her bank account. She’s $70,000 in debt, heavily reliant on credit cards, and recently quit her job. So you can imagine my frustration when she chooses to enjoy a $20.00 Chilean sea bass over a more modest option at a restaurant.

Because of this, we frequently get into heated arguments. We bicker like an old, married couple teetering on the edge of divorce. We yell like dysfunctional teenagers on prom night – venom spewing from my mouth.

Yet, that didn’t stop me from recently purchasing a round way ticket to Costa Rica for her.

It was the Monday after Thanksgiving – known to many as “Cyber Monday.” While an ordinary Monday encompasses grogginess, caffeine and an “I hate life attitude,” a Cyber Monday encompasses grogginess, caffeine, an “I hate life attitude,” and some pretty awesome online deals.

So, I jumped at the offer. After researching several flight deals, I decided to book a short vacation for the both of us. The decision was rash and impulsive, but also the best decision I made all week.


Well, because an experience is worth an investment. While it’s true my sister spends without having the means to, I save without a reason to. At 22, I have yet to worry about rent, car payments, or mortgages – and yet, you can find me constantly shuffling money into my savings account. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a good thing to save when you can, but save for something – your future, a dream, or if you’re like me, travel.

My sister seems to have already grasped this concept – although maybe a little too thoroughly. She has mastered the art of spending first, and worrying later, choosing to take each day as it comes. Naturally, this frustrates me, but her habits have taught me that life is too short not to splurge every now and then. After all, if we both were to die tomorrow, I would much rather have my last meal be Chilean Sea bass, than a more “modest option.”