Hang Tight With The Portable RapidHammock

When you’re constantly on the go, portability is a must. Just ask Eric Pancy, the creator of the RapidHammock. The adventure seeker grew up in West Michigan – a location that largely inspired him to go outside and explore each day, whether it was through a hiking journey or a camping excursion. From these experiences, Pancy also developed a passion for outdoor gear, but quickly realized his frustration with equipment that forces users to sacrifice strength for portability.

He began rendso wonder: Why can’t users have it all? Something that is adjustable, strong, simple, and above all else – lightweight. When he couldn’t find an ideal hammock to fit all his needs, he decided to make his own.

Introducing the RapidHammock – a portable, yet durable hammock that takes only 30 seconds to assemble. The genius invention comes with a built-in suspension port, aka the RapidStrap Suspension system, that allows users to hang a hammock without having to go back and forth between anchor points (trees, posts, pillars, etc.).  4 fully-adjustable cinch buckles are integrated into straps – 2 of which are used to secure the hammock to a tree (much like how a belt works), and 2 to adjust your hang.

The innovative design eliminates the need to keep track of multiple pieces in order to assemble your gear. It even comes wrapped, and ready-to-go in a DBS sack that keeps your hammock and straps neatly tucked away when you’re traveling. The bag is also attached to the hammock itself, making it virtually impossible to lose.

But what about performance? “Portable” doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with “durable.” Fortunately, the Rapid Hammock is made from 40D ripstop nylon, which is both strong and lightweight. The final product, with its straps, buckles and integrated shoulder harness (to carry your hammock around), weighs just over 1.5lbs – yet, it is tough enough to carry 450lbs in weight. The shoulder harness also doubles as a compression strap that allows users to compress their RapidHammock down to the size of a grapefuit.

As an optional accessory, adventurers can also utilize the Rapid RidgeLine, which will “remember” and replicate the most comfortable hammock settings, customized to individual preferences. When attached and adjusted, the accessory essentially becomes part of the hammock, and eliminates the need to readjust your hang each time.

Currently, the RapidHammock is in its final days on its Kickstarter campaign. With just a few days go, it’s probably a good idea to grab yourself a RapidHammock. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.