Winter Wanderers: Delica Drives And Snow-filled Peaks

It’s an interesting concept to think back on how you got to exactly where you are, and all of the moments that led you to the one you’re currently submerged in.

Right now, I’m in a Delica with three incredible ladies headed into the mountains to trudge through snow and ice with a singular mission of exploration. To see and touch and feel something we never have before, and to let a fiery state of wonder light us up in a new way.

As we twist down the roads beyond Pemberton, we’re captivated by foggy mists that land gently just above the fields and farms. The peaceful serenity of the landscape has already drawn us in, preparing us for the magic that awaits at the snow topped mountains. Andrea puts the Delica in four wheel drive and we charge into the icy parking lot. Sliding the side door open we grab our warmer gear, lace up our boots and hit the trail.

Stopping more frequently than your average hiker, (there’s not a single shot we don’t want to capture) we move through the trail like a wolf pack of adventure babes. The crunching snow under our boots is peaceful, the only sound next to our breath, and it brings an unexplainable calm to my soul.

My mind gets so busy. I look forward, I look back. I think about people in my life, choices I’ve made, and the impact they’ve caused. It runs off about work, creative ideas, places I want to see and things I’d like to do.

As the trees collect more powder and the snow under my feet gets thicker, it all shuts off. I can be fully present, in that one single moment. Awe-struck and full of the now. The space we create by stepping into places that demand our full attention is priceless. Your soul, whether or not you know it, craves those moments. I’m finally starting to acknowledge this and put it into practice in my life, and it’s changing me. Giving way to the present moment through exploring my surroundings is bringing a balance that I’ve never been able to tap into.

As I’m climbing through the trees, I’m struck by their constant grounding presence. My soul is leveraging it to give me strength. I’m not sure how I ended up so lucky, laughing and discovering in this dreamy Delica with these lovely ladies, but I’m constantly reminded that where I am is exactly where I’m meant to be.

Tomorrow isn’t waiting, yesterday isn’t reminding, I am right here, right now. Curious and captivated in a place that has my soul in a constant state of awe.

Wander hard. Wander with presence. Wander in the winter.