Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Traveler In Your Life

Per the title, here are some great last minute ideas for the special globetrotter in your life – family, friend, or lover – who likes nothing more than to travel the world. (Even if it means not being around for the holidays.)

A backpack is a travel and adventure essential, and, well, every person who has or is going to step foot on a plane, train, raft, or trail needs one – no matter what they say. More likely than not, most retail stores will have some up for grabs, because truth be told, a backpack isn’t usually high up on the Christmas list for many. That is, except travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Neck Pillow
You might be thinking, “Really? A neck pillow?” And yes, really: Air and train travel is all about coziness, so um, yeah, why not a neck pillow? Show the person you love that you really love them by caring about their comfort. It’ll have them shouting, “You care about how my neck feels? AWW.”

“For long extended flights, you definitely need a good pair of headphones,” says Susan Xu. “It can really make or break – and even lengthen or shorten – your flight experience.” She adds, “I remember on one flight, I had wimpy headphones and they broke early on. And worst of all, my flight was 16 hours long – I was so, so miserable.” Also important to mention: At this moment in time, you can definitely still find a reliable pair of headphones at most electronic and outlet shops; so, get to it!

Speaking of technology – a camera is a great gift that’s as practical as it is thoughtful. The traveler in your life will love and appreciate it, as it not only cements their many trips to and from country to country, but it also cements your interest in seeing those trips through their eyes.

Travel Journal
Now, the journal doesn’t have to necessarily be travel-themed, but a good, sturdy notebook can be a great companion on journeys near and far. It’s “someone” to talk to when long-distance phone calls can’t be made, or when speaking to locals fails because of language barriers.

World Map
Susan Xu (who is the official spokesperson for this piece) says, “It’s a nice gift because it’s both, educational, practical, and it reminds the traveler of all the places they’ve been to. And, of course, the many wonderful memories they’ve made there.”