4 Easy Tips To Get You Through Winter

This past week, New York City’s temperatures dramatically dropped to below 20 degrees Fahrenheit – in other words, it’s freezing in the Big Apple. Commuters and travelers on the crowded sidewalks have been bundled from head to toe in excessive layers, to the point where all one can see are shivering eyeballs of agony and tears. No exaggeration here, folks.

So in light of the Northeast’s recent forecast, we’ve put together a list of what one should remember when stepping out of their safe, cozy homes into the terrifyingly icy showdown outside.

1. Layer Up
Notice how knights wear the proper attire to shield themselves from swords and other medieval weapons? Preparing for the cold is similar, but instead of swords, it’s winds, snow, and hail. And instead of suits of armor, it’s sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats, and so on. Throw on a lot of layers, and then throw on some more – to the point where movement of the arms and neck is limited. Seriously.

2. Avoid Germs
It’s around these times of the year when getting sick in a populated city becomes a waltz – one that can’t be politely turned down. Sneezes and coughs throughout a commute roar so often they almost become a January jingle. Hence, there are basically only three rules to follow in avoiding as many sickly germs as one can: Avoid touching anything (doors, poles, etc.). Wash hands. And stay home if sick.

However, if one still begins to feel a little under the weather, these three rules are key: Hydrate. Rest. And boost the immune system with some healthy intake like orange juice and chicken soup.

3. Shoes Matter
When it’s raining or snowing outside and it’s really-frickin’-cold, shoes definitely matter. A lot. Falling down in public is a natural part of winter – a passage of right of sorts – however, there’s no harm in trying to avoid the injury, as well as public humiliation. Or at least, delay it. Whether it’s boots or well, whatever, one should make sure their footwear is suitable to stomp on city grounds like King Kong and kick ice’s ass.

4. Stay Indoors
If all else falls and one has the ability to, stay indoors. Like, duh. It’s below zero, why would anyone want to go out, anyway?