iPocket Drive: USB Hard Drive Designed For Your iPhone

Featured on Indiegogo, the iPocket Drive by The Power Company has been gaining supporters left and right. With an initial goal of $4,000 to be raised in order to fund their campaign, they have effortlessly exceeded this and have now raised $134,000 – very impressive to say the least.

Now on to the product…Apple iPhone users can now experience all the benefits that a USB hard drive has for a computer, by simply connecting their phone with the iPocket Drive. This device is a revolutionary product that allows someone to quickly, and safely, transfer all their data files to all other devices they own (computers, iPhones, iPads, etc.) with ease. This includes movies, music, documents, etc.

What’s great about this little gadget is that there’s no more need for cellular data, Internet, wireless networks, or Cloud access when in use. Not only does it assist in file transfers, but also stores data within its core in order to save space on your phone, as well as money.

Buying an iPhone with more storage space can sometimes be expensive. The iPocket Drive can easily provide up to double the amount of space on your phone, for less than $100. Simply choose which files you wish to save onto the iPocket Drive and then access the files when you need them. This feature makes streaming video and music effortless – and all without having to worry about connecting to WiFi.

Due to its size and weight, it is perfect for traveling or everyday on-the-go use. Whether you are on a plane or in the subway, you can instantly cue up some music or enjoy a movie without the hassle.

The iPocket Drive is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and is available in 5 storage sizes: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. With the larger sizes, you could even back up your entire computer’s data and store it in the iPocket Drive, which is much smaller and more portable than an external hard drive.

As far as looks go, there’s an iPocket Drive for everyone. There are currently two models of the device that can be purchased: One version is made of ABS plastic in white, and another version is upgraded in a metal finish. The metal model comes in a range of different colors including silver, black, gold, light blue, green, and pink.

For more information on the iPocket Drive by The Power Company, visit their campaign page here.