Andromium: Reinventing Your Smartphone As A True Desktop Computer

These days, work productivity is more about flexibility and less about being tied to a fixed office location. There is a greater reliance on laptop computers and tablets in some industries, and while smartphones have figured into this digital evolution, they are still seen more as an accessory rather than a main tool. One campaign on Kickstarter aims to dispel that notion for good with their creation, Andromium.

Andromium is the brainchild of its CEO, Gordon Zheng. Zheng was a senior engineer at Google, when the idea occurred to him – with all of the rapid advancement taking place with cloud technology as well as HDMI and smartphone technology, why not create something that would combine all of the positives of these advancements in one neat device? When he raised the idea to Google, they weren’t too keen on it. So Zheng put together a small team and created Andromium, Inc. in order to unveil the project to the masses and get support.

Andromium consists of a phone dock and its own OS. The dock is sleek, and not too cumbersome. It even has a flip-cover for protection. There are three USB ports and a power outlet port so that your phone can continually charge even when you’re using the device. All one has to do is plug into a monitor or HDTV to display everything. The operating system is Windows-based, has its own browser and even its own apps for productivity and media. And gamers won’t be left out; Andromium can even allow you to make your phone a true gaming console for some older titles on the market. You also have the ability to run local Android apps and still get all of their notifications as well as fielding texts and calls.

The company has made Andromium primarily for Android smartphones, with Samsung phones being the first in line in terms of product compatibility. And based on feedback from folks on their Kickstarter page, there will be support in future releases for HTC One, LG and Motorola phones. With 17 days to go in their current campaign, Andromium has raised $62,255 towards their goal of $100,000 with over 1,000 backers. Andromium is slated for release next month with a price of $10 for the software. The actual package of the dock and software will debut in February for a price of $29 for Samsung phones. The HTC and other versions are slated for release in July.