Vibram FiveFingers®: The Footwear That Changed The Game | Gear Review

Vibram FiveFingers® is revolutionizing the outdoor gear market with the introduction of their first product – establishing a whole new future for footwear that has long been overdue.

Vibram FiveFingers®  is different than your typical shoe due to its unique design, which successfully provides individual toe separation in every pair. This revolutionary feature offers a multitude of health benefits, not just for the feet but for the body as well; users, for example, have the ability to move each toe separately from one another, giving the foot the flexibility it needs to function properly while also providing the support the body needs. This is an essential part of building foot strength and health, as well as increasing overall balance.

Vibram FiveFingers®  feel almost paper-thin and are light, like a feather, yet surprisingly durable and capable of withstanding the environment. You will never realize how heavy your lightest pair of sneakers are until you’ve tried on a pair of these shoes —you may even forget you’re not barefoot.

Furthermore, the Vibram FiveFingers® form appropriately to the foot’s natural shape, unlike any other footwear product currently on the market. The arch feature provides a durable and forming support system for even the flattest feet, which is essential for good foot health. They are also extremely flexible and able to bend freely with the natural movement of the foot.

Although it does take some minor getting use, once you become accustomed to this new style of footwear, your foot will thank you for allowing it to finally operate the way it was meant to. Vibram FiveFingers® offers its consumers a variety of different products such as their Casual, Fitness, Golfs, Multi-use, Outdoor, Running and Watersport editions as well as the unique socks you’ll need to wear these awesome kicks.

Vibram FiveFingers®  are definitely a revelation in the footwear market and encourage their users to do bold things. On their site, for example, you can see some of the adventurous things people have done in the name of Vibram FiveFingers®. Who knows…maybe it will inspire you to do something life-changing as well. So, get moving!