Top 3 Reasons Why Democrats Will Lose Presidential Election 2020

Top 3 Reasons Why Democrats Will Lose Presidential Election 2020

While the world is severely disturbed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and most of the attention is taken away, let’s not forget that very soon, the United States will have to make its choice in the upcoming presidential election that will take place on November 3, 2020. While the U.S. is bipolar, with an almost equal number of republican and democratic supporters, the outcome of the upcoming election seems more evident than ever. Below is the list of 3 main reasons why, in my opinion, democrats will lose the forthcoming presidential election.

Democrats Will Lose Presidential Election 2020

Reason 1: Voters Prefer Bernie Sanders Over Joe Biden

The majority of democratic voters prefer Bernie Sanders over Joe Biden. Because the party, the establishment is afraid of even thinking about supporting a socialist, the choice of a “less risky” candidate such as Joe Biden is not surprising.

Reason 2: Trump And Coronavirus

Amit the ongoing pandemic, Trump is using his precious TV moments (daily briefings) to not only inform the nation of the regular updates but also to push his agenda. In the meantime, Joe Biden suffers from a lack of TV time and funding.

Moreover, let’s not forget that the recovery stimulus COVID-19 checks are supposed to arrive with the president’s signature on them (unless, of course, it is a direct deposit). This small detail matters.

Reason 3: Joe Biden Has No Major Support From Celebrities

Joe Biden gained the primary support from the African-American community, who associate Biden’s contributions with those of Barack Obama. Despite all these associations and past historical events, it seems unclear why the former president himself would not publicly endorse his old pal, Joe. Moreover, celebrities such as Joe Rogan, who had historically liberal views, would “rather vote for Trump than Biden.” That explains a lot.

Top 3 Reasons Why Democrats Will Lose Presidential Election 2020