Sunshine Island [Street] Art

There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of being turned around in a city full of curved, winding, narrow, and antique little streets. All the while, you hope that you’re going in the right direction, because no streets are parallel in Spain, and no blocks are equal. So, you resort to your senses.

This might irk a person without a GPS at hand or a map in his or her pocket, but when I get into situations like this, I usually find the most beautiful street art.

Palma is a city of sunshine. It’s the capital of the Spanish Balearic Islands and rests on the southwest nest of the wondrous island of Mallorca; if you get lucky and lost in the right place, you will be amazed at the art you can find on walls, streets, buildings and even in the middle of the roundabouts that meander through the island. Some of the best creations, for example, are found on garage doors that cover all the stores when they are closed (so, siesta time is a good time to go street-art strolling.) Stuff like this is so easy to overlook, but I urge you to be observant – tantalize your eyes and be inspired.

There’s so much color in the buildings and even ambiguity in their structures: “not in sync” with one another. One is bright blue with a white rococo trimming while the next one is hot orange, retro-inspired, and not-so minimalist. Another building is made up of 70% window: perhaps that architect met her/his goal of creating a futuristic design? Who cares if the edifice next to it is from the 1800s. All are welcome, and all are so tasteful with their vibrant (or not) colors and unique designs.

Now, run around to the side of the buildings or to the next curving alley way and you will find an outdoor museum, full of glistening neon and spray painted stone: graffiti, silly faces, abstract figures, images of your favorite 90’s toons, controversial messages, shapes, and colors! You have it all.

Whilst the sun is shining, who could ask for better eye candy?