The Pantone Hotel: Jetsetting In New Hues

Traveling is meant to expand all of your horizons. For some, it can be as simple as trying out a new dish in a restaurant you’ve heard about, perhaps on a podcast. For others, this benefit begins with precisely where they’re going to stay during their trip. In this light, a new hotel that has opened up in Brussels, Belgium seeks to fully expand upon the idea from the moment you walk through their doors in a chromatic sense, in a partnership with one of the globe’s premier authorities on color.

The Pantone Hotel has been in existence since 2010, but it has garnered worldwide notice in mid 2014. The boutique hospitality locale came about as the end result of a tri-fold partnership between the highly regarded company and interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Oliver Hannaert.

Pantone has been at the forefront of design for over four decades, mainly in part to its groundbreaking color palette system that allows anyone to replicate color in a precise manner anywhere in the world. When they decided to branch out into the lifestyle industry as part of their ‘Pantone Universe’ initiative, a hotel property seemed the most logical way to promote their method of color matching.

Brussels as a city was ideal due to its own delicate balance of old world architecture and newer, green landscapes. The hotel is adjacent to one of the city’s most lauded areas for shopping and business, the Avenue Louise. It is also a brief distance from the Brussels Midi-Zuid metro station and less than a half hour from the airport.

Once you enter the Pantone Hotel, you are immediately met with their signature color system in the lobby. The seven-story hotel contains 59 rooms in total that all adhere to a scheme that uses seven distinct tinctures in various shades in conjunction with a hefty dose of white. In addition, there are two conference rooms that allow you to create your own color schematic by mood. There’s also a rooftop terrace and a cafe that is replete with the classic Pantone color gallery, right down to their popular line of coffee mugs available with the color codes. As a bonus, there’s free wireless internet access throughout the entire property, making the Pantone Hotel a key destination to improve a traveler’s sense of hue.