AMPL Smartbag: The Carry-On Leading The Charge

Portability is key for anyone traveling, be it on road trips, far-flung flights or a daily trek to their office. Indeed, our daily routines are dependent on being able to do a lot while staying on the go. On the other hand, this can have its problems. Mainly, making sure that all of your devices can stay charged. For anyone who has endured that dreaded search for an open outlet in the airport or coffee shop, or found themselves leaving home with a clunky power adapter or battery pack that only contains but so much juice, it’s a major concern. There have been a few companies who’ve tried to address this modern problem for travelers with the creation of ‘smart bags’, backpacks that can charge your smartphone and other devices while you’re out and about. However, Ampl Labs looks to up the ante on productivity with their latest product, the Ampl Smartbag.

AMPL Smartbag: The Carry-On Leading The Charge-Clapway

The Smartbag is designed to not only provide charging capabilities for your devices, but also to provide able protection for them in the process while fulfilling a snappy sense of style. The backpack is revolutionary for a couple of reasons. For instance, the Ampl Smartbag has the capability to charge up to SEVEN devices at once. This is accomplished through an intricate yet easy to use system. The first element of the system is their integrated core SmartBattery which powers the system. You can charge the devices using seven USB outlets. This covers smartphones, tablets and even laptops, but you will need an AC inverter module and an optional expansion battery. In addition, there’s a mobile application for the backpack that gives you battery status in real-time and affords you the chance to make changes in terms of priority to whatever you’re charging up. And you don’t even need to open up every compartment to check; the app will provide all of the information to your phone. The estimated extension of battery life varies by device; for example, an iPhone 6 is expected to gain 14 more hours, whereas a laptop can receive up to twelve more hours of life. There’s also the feature of embedded smart sensors to monitor power levels along with exterior weather conditions. These same sensors also serve as a detection system to warn you in case you’ve rushed off and left your bag behind.

The Smartbag is also built for those whose travels will have their bumps and jolts. It’s crafted with shock-absorbers, and is not only weather-resistant but also lightweight enough to give your back relief from strain. On the whole, the Ampl Smartbag is poised to be a definitive word in charging backpacks for some time to come.