23 Year Old Attempts To Be Youngest Person To Traverse Everest

At 23, most people are just starting to figure out life. Only a year out of college, perhaps living in their first apartment, and making their own money. But Rupert Jones-Warner is not like most people. At 23, Rupert has decided to take on the task of traversing the largest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Should he succeed he will be the youngest person to traverse Everest. Only 32 people have ever successfully traversed Everest previously.

Writing about his decision to make the journey up Everest on his website, Rupert wrote, “I have always dreamt of achieving something memorable – something that would truly take me out of my comfort zone and test me to the core. Finally, after reading about so many fascinating adventures on Everest, the good and the bad, I knew what that test should be. I need to find out whether I am good enough and strong enough to take on the world’s highest mountain.  Conquering Everest is the ultimate challenge and by aiming to become the youngest person to traverse the mountain I will certainly be fulfilling my dream of achieving something memorable.”

How is he preparing for such an undertaking? Jones-Warner begins his day at 6:30AM and heads straight to the gym. He spends at least an hour a day in a hypoxia chamber, which mimics the effects of being at a high altitude. He will often run with 20kg bag on his back, to prepare him for the heavy bag he will be bringing with him up the mountain.

His climb is estimated to take a total of 60 days to complete with 57 days being taken to climb up and 3 days to descend. While 3 days seems like a short time to climb down the mountain, 80% of all fatalities occur during descent. He will be facing freezing temperatures, with the summit reaching -75 degrees Fahrenheit at times.

While all of this may seem like an insane undertaking, it is even more insane to consider he only climbed his first mountain in June 2014.

He hopes to raise 50,000 pounds for Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice in Sussex, England.