Dolfi: The Next Generation Washing Device

Tired of the “hand-wash only” labels on your clothes, and ruining delicates by running them through a washing machine? A recent trend was found on Indiegogo that will solve all of your problems!

Meet Dolfi, the next generation washing device. This small pod is gentle on clothes, and tough on dirt. Due to its use of ultrasonic power, your favorite clothes will be cleaned impeccably inside and out, wash after wash – without wearing them out.

To use Dolfi, first place your clothing in large basin or sink (clean, of course!). Then add water, your favorite detergent and you are ready to go. Turn on Dolfi and place in the water with your clothes. It will glow blue as it softly, and silently cleans dirt and debris out of your clothing – in about 30-40 minutes, your clothes will be fresh and ready to hang dry. It is wonderful knowing that your favorite and delicate clothing wont be ruined or damaged again from harsh spin cycles and hand washing.

The technology used for such efficient cleaning is called ultrasonic cleaning. It has been successfully used in medical practices for years now. Materials that require careful but delicate cleaning like surgical instruments, lenses, jewelry, watches and much more, trust only ultrasonic capabilities. It is the most gentle and cleanest way to cleanse items of this nature.

Dolfi’s innovative technology used for textile washing has been developed by the engineers of MPI Ultrasonics – a Swiss company with over 25 years of experience, specifically in ultrasonic technology. The small device has been developed and tested in their laboratories based in Le Locle, Switzerland.

With Dolfi, you can easily save on dry cleaning costs for delicates; as well as on laundry services while you’re traveling, and on overweight charges for your luggage. It is the perfect travel companion because it is compact and ready to use anywhere you go.

This little cleaning device has already gained a following on Indiegogo, and has successfully reached their goal for funding, and more. It is definitely a product that will change the way we view the hassles of hand washing delicates and our favorite clothing without wearing them out.