A Guest Service For The ‘Selfie’ Generation?

The ‘selfie’: Whether you’re an avid subscriber to the extremely popular social media craze or you’re someone with a certain disdain for it, there is no doubt that the selfie is here to stay. Over the past couple of years, the practice of taking photographs of yourself using the rear-facing camera in smartphones and tablets has led to many advancements in different industries.

Travel is no exception; just look through your friends’ posts on Instagram and you’re guaranteed to see selfies within their burst of vacation posts. Technology has even taken notice, with the Selfie Stick rising to prominence as a top gift late last year.The Selfie Stick, which is composed of a monopod that stretches out and a clamp designed to hold your smartphone, had gained notoriety in Asia before Western customers gravitated to it. Its popularity, along with similar gadgets, is leading others to look for ways to implement and capitalize from its use. One European hotel may have struck gold with their own idea.

The Swissotel Amsterdam has now gone public with the news of their latest amenity to be offered to guests: their very own Selfie Stick. That’s right – any traveler staying there will have this amenity at their disposal by request. The four-star hotel, located within the heart of the city in Dam Square, enjoys a well-earned reputation and close proximity to some of the city’s popular tourist attractions like the Anne Frank House for example.

The Swissotel Amsterdam has been at the forefront of providing luxurious boutique guest services for decades, and this idea seemed to be a no-brainer for a hotel property ensconced in a highly historic area. According to the general manager, H.J. Kluit, “Instead of thinking about all sorts of ways to provide high-tech gadgets, we at Swissotel Amsterdam find it important to facilitate a tech-savvy lifestyle.”

Overall, the venture could prove to be a key drawing point for future visitors who are technically hip, as well as a possible standard item for guests in hotels across the globe.