Moment Case: Giving iPhone Lenses More Clarity

Any avid photographer who’s camera of choice happens to be an iPhone, knows the smartphone’s definitive array of capabilities in that area. This is heightened now with the most recent release of the iPhone 6. More people are using the iPhone as their primary camera, even to the extent of adventure travelers using it for glorious high quality shots.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t limitations. One major example is the lens the iPhone is equipped with, which has led to a few third-party companies creating snap-on lenses to provide the same effects one gets from a DSLR camera. But this can be a bit of a headache as well, especially when you risk damaging your iPhone just trying to get the lens back off.

There is one new product, however, that seeks to alleviate those worries and in the process amaze the public.

 Take Better iPhone Photos With Moment - ClapwayPhoto Courtesy of Moment

Moment, a company based in Seattle, Washington, has paid a great deal of attention to those who want their iPhone to be more like their traditional camera. They’ve taken the momentum from a successful launch last year of their own line of iPhone lenses and infused it into the creation of the Moment Case.

The Moment Case itself looks to give the user better peace of mind with a sturdy exterior that one can grip easier. There is a cleverly designed mount for lenses which lets you attach them with a simple twist. In addition, there’s an embedded sensor that not only determines which lens has been attached but works in concert with an app that will give function parameters based on that particular lens. The key feature here is the electronic shutter that functions just like that of a traditional camera; half-press to gain better focus, then one full press to get the shot. This is all done via Bluetooth and is powered by a coin cell battery which has an estimated life of six months before needing to be replaced. There’s even a double loop hole for anyone that wants to attach a strap to it.

Like last year, Moment has created a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund production of the case, and also like last year, they’ve soared past their goal, raising double their stated amount of $100,000 with 27 more days left in the campaign.

For $50, you’ll get the case on pre-order; $124 will get you the case and a choice of their two lenses; and $200 gets you case and lenses. Moment looks to make their case available to the public this June 2015.