10 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Thrill-Seekers

Romantic walks on the sand, days spent lounging in a hammock, and hours spent reading your Kindle whilst being waited on by pool boys – does this sound like your ideal honeymoon? No. What you need is an adrenaline-fuelled, turbo-charged, adventure-filled getaway, before settling down into the domestic bliss that is marriage. Here are some awesome places you and your loved one can head to. Bring your relationship to the next level via around-the-globe travel!

1. South America
Known for its flowing vineyards, the Tango and the stunning land of Patagonia, South America should definitely be on your list of top destinations, especially if you are seeking romance, culture and adventure for your honeymoon. Instead of crafting an itinerary for you, here is a list of the things/places you should definitely check out: (1) Visit Buenos Aires – a very cool city where you can learn to Tango in a Milonga. (2) Check out the barrios of La Boca, Palermo and Recoleta. (3) Escape to the vineyards in Mendoza. (4) Try your hand at being a real life Gaucho. (5) Learn to play some polo (6) Hike through Tierra del Fuego. (7) Stay at Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, which is not only a design marvel, but a once in a lifetime opportunity. (8) Participate in adventure activities (hiking, biking, camping, trekking, kayaking, white-water rafting, snorkeling and scuba-diving) in Chile.

2. Australia
If you’re a thrill-seeker, then this is a great continent to explore after your nuptials. Here you can: swim with sharks, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, witness the marvel that is Ayers Rock, lose yourself in the Whitsundays, get uncomfortably close to Dingos, sleep underground in Coober Pedy, take a 4WD tour on Frasier Island and discover the Indigenous culture whilst you spend some time in Uluru. If you also get the chance, stay at The Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, which is isolated and breathtaking. End your trip with a hike through the Bungle Bungles and a visit to one of many amazing wildlife parks around the country (cuddle a Koala)! Get ready for some thunder down under!


3. Malaysia
Malaysia is home to those adorable Orangutans, but if it is adventure you are after, head to Sabah and Sarawak, which lies in the region of Borneo. In Sipadan, you can find one of the world’s best dive spots and if you are lucky, spot sea turtles, manta rays and a variety of sharks. Submerge yourself in some natural sulphur hot springs in Poring and make sure to visit the charming Orangutans in Sepilok in their natural environment. Climb Mount Kinabalu or hike through the many national parks, like Gunung Mulu, which has its own mountain and the world’s largest cave system. Malaysia also boasts some of the best cuisine in Asia, so get ready to feast.

All images by Rebecca Yale Photography. www.RebeccaYalePhotography.com

4. Africa
Africa has it all. From witnessing the Great Migration, to experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Victoria Falls, there is an abundance of opportunities to indulge in. If you love elephants, head to Botswana which has the largest elephant population in the world. However, if you crave up-close contact, then head to Rwanda or Uganda to see some gorillas. Be the envy of your mates when you send them pictures of yourself chilling in the turquoise waters of Mozambique or indulging in some seriously luxurious safari camps across the continent. Yet, by far the best location to sink your teeth into everything Africa has to offer is Zimbabwe. Raft down the Zambezi whilst checking out the crocs (and I don’t mean the sandals) and then head to Pemba Island to stay at The Manta Resort, namely their Underwater Room (yes, it’s like an aquarium that you can sleep in).

5. Tibet
Spend 10 years in Tibet and I bet that still would not be enough time to see everything this extraordinary land has to offer. The best way to see it is on horse and by foot. Trek with the locals! Wind Horse Adventure also leads trekking adventures like no other. Encounter the mighty Mount Everest while you’re there – better yet, travel to the face of it in KangShung. Just a bit of a warning: Tibet is the highest inhabited place on Earth, so if you cannot handle high altitude, I would skip it. If that does not deter you and your spouse, then lay your head at The Shangri-La in Lhasa, the capital city which will be the most suitable place to set up camp.

6. Sri Lanka
Temples, caves, tea and elephants are a few of the things you can expect in this tropical paradise. There is so much you both can do here – explore ancient caves, climb to the top of the Sigiriya Rock (tough, but definitely an accomplishment), meet adorable elephants at an orphanage, and surf at some sweet beaches along the coast. The food here is incredible, so make sure you indulge in the tea and the spectacular seafood, especially some crab. Also make sure to wander the local streets of the fortress towns and explore the leopard trails (this is land of the leopards)! Once the sun sets, spend the night on a plantation, such as The Heritance Tea Factory, or the Ani Villas, for a chic resort.

7. New Zealand
If you have ever seen the traditional Haka (ancestral war dance of Māori people) being performed, then you know this land’s natural beauty cannot be surpassed. From sky-diving to sea-kayaking, to heli-hiking and volcano/sand dune exploring, this is where the action is. If you have some cash to spend (you must on your honeymoon), then stay at Blanket Bay, which is extremely breathtaking. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a million pictures of it and its surroundings. But if you think that that’s not enough adventure, then explore the underground caves and hang out with the local Maori people. Whatever combination of activities you end up choosing, just know that New Zealand prides itself on allowing visitors to experience five extremes in 24 hours.

8. USA
America… ” the land of the free and home of the brave.” You know you are going to be able to have some great adventures here. Although there are an abundance of activities you can choose from, my top picks are rafting through the Grand Canyon, hiking Zion Park in Utah, cycling through Glacier National Park in Montana and exploring the volcanoes of Hawaii. You could also camp in Death Valley or pamper yourselves with a few nights at Furnace Creek Resort. I also can’t leave out the Sonoran, which is the hottest and most tropical desert in the US. If you are planning to go there, do yourselves a favour and throw in a hike to the gorgeous Havasupai Waterfalls.


9. Costa Rica
If dinosaurs still existed, Costa Rica is probably where they would be roaming. Costa Rica offers some of the most amazing, untouched natural landscapes in the world today. Zip line through the rainforests and white water raft in its famous rivers – either way, you could travel to places still unseen by masses of tourists. At the same time, however, you can still enjoy incredible Caribbean beaches whilst simultaneously standing in the presence of an active volcano. If you also love mountain biking, then make sure to do so here! Then spend a few nights at Pacuare Lodge in Siquirres, which is hidden deep in the rainforest, and only reachable only by raft!

10. Norway
Most adventure wear brands are Scandinavian and for good reason. Norway is chock full of great escapes, so make your way here to take in the breathtaking mountains and unfiltered nature. Row your own boat in a Fjord, sleep in the mountains, check out the incredible Northern Lights, say hello to some walruses in Spitsbergen, and make friends with penguins and polar bears. You can also try your hand at hunting and dog-sledding, before ending the night in a snow cave. However, if you want to test your ice-driving skills, you should consider hiring a Porsche – floor it across frozen-over lakes (there’s always snow-mobiling or ice-trekking too). Also, don’t forget to tuck into the local specialities, like reindeer and moose.