Losing My Sense Of Urgency

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It was one of those carefree summer days that made you wish the season had no end.

I met Kyle and Evan, two musicians from Thunder Bay, and Damien, a couch surfer from France, at local diner. The accoutrements were of the 50’s and 60’s, the service at times so lacking that you had to get up yourself to fill your coffee cup, or even make your eggs, but no one left without a hug from the owner. We continued to Evan’s father’s home, which his father built with his own hands – already symbolic of, what I’m sad to say is, antiquated behavior. We then went to a cliff overlooking Silver Bay and the Sleeping Giant Peninsula, on Lake Superior. The frigid waters of northern Superior were no match for our audacity, which we proved by flinging ourselves from the cliff and falling 30ft into her icy body. A dull and persistent pain in my left leg and butt cheek was a healthy reminder of our flights.

To further soothe whatever malice life in the city brought me, we continued to live the dreamy Finnish summer day by buying smoked fish and going to a sauna on the shore of the lake. Once good and toasty, we ran into the cooling waters of Superior, and floated, staring for indeterminate amounts of time at the dancing clouds. Then we returned to heat, then water, and heat… again and again. If ever I dropped any latent sense of urgency, it was certainly there.

Being in a state of peace is becoming more consistent as the soot of the city is slowly dissipating from my soul.

 Losing My Sense Of Urgency - Clapway