Why Choose Whistler

For an hour and a half beyond Vancouver, a windy highway leads you along the ocean and into the mountains to a magical place. It’s a land where young people go to postpone growing up, and where grown-ups go to grow old. This magical place hosts thousands of international visitors each year, and locals who boast of it’s greatness. Whether you prefer a quiet mountain relaxation or you’re an adrenaline junky looking get some speed down the mountains, you will find yourself wandering around Whistler feeling as though you’ve seen this place in your dreams before.

From mountain riding on bike or boards, to hikes through the wilderness, the activities, people and atmosphere of the Whistler community will keep you hanging on and coming back for more. If you’re planning your next Canadian visit and haven’t journeyed down the winding highway that leads to youthful bliss, let’s outline some of the epic things Whistler has to offer.

1. Extreme Sports
This is quite possibly the number one reason why people venture into the mountains. Host to the 2010 Olympics, Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America and boasts some of the greatest runs in the world. In the summertime, it hosts the famous Crankworx Mountain Bike celebration that gathers crowds of people to the small town for a weeklong festivity. It packs out hotels and nightlife, and bikers from around the world come to compete in a variety of events. In the surrounding area you can find trails that wander off into the mountains for all levels. From a beginner hiker to an extreme wilderness explorer, there’s a trail for everyone to enjoy. In the nearby lakes and rivers you can find yourself stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, river rafting or bungee jumping. If you love the feeling adrenaline and blood rushing through your veins, the mountains of Whistler can manifest your downhill daydreams.

2. Nightlife
From après at Garibaldi Lift Company, Merlin’s live music at the bottom of Blackcomb, or a night out at Garfinkel’s, the village offers nightlife in a variety of epic form. After you’ve completed your activities for the day, you want to kick back and relax with some music and a beverage or two, which is totally understandable. The restaurant and nightlife industry in Whistler is booming and you can find many international locals (ahem Australians) serving you throughout the town’s incredible hot spots. Have a listen to live music at Tapley’s for a low-key night out, or hit up some of Whistler’s underground bars and bust out those dance moves. (We know you have them.) Whatever your scene may be, you can choose from a multitude of spots to spend your evenings in Whistler, and just about every night you’ll find people strolling through the village into the wee hours with friends.

3. Accommodations
Whether you prefer an under-the-stars stay via tent at Lake Garibaldi, or the full experience of five star luxuries at the Pan Pacific, your preferences are covered in this town. Hike up to the top of your favourite mountain and pitch a tent, or make a reservation in one of the outstanding world-renowned hotels in the village, both will satisfy your Whistler adventure. For the ultra adventurist, there are cabins that are accessible by hike or snowshoe in different places in the Whistler Area. One of the greatest things about the village hotels is the ability to park your car and let the village stroll be your main transportation for your entire stay. As you make your way around the village on the carless footpaths, you find yourself stopping in at boutique stores and restaurants, appreciating little things that you wouldn’t necessarily catch in your car. To top off a trip of hiking and adrenaline activities, or maybe while your significant other hits the hill, be sure to stop by the Scandinave Spa for a rejuvenating experience. A perfect addition to your trip, the solace and relaxation of it’s facilities and staff will leave you feeling completely renewed and ready for another amazing evening in Whistler.

Maybe you’re thinking of coming to spend a season in Whistler. Maybe you’re looking to make it your home, or perhaps planning your next adventurous escape. Whatever the case may be; this is a place that you cannot spend your lifetime without experiencing. The air is a little bit clearer; the sun-setting skyline behind the mountains and shadows casted on the lakes is one that will constantly take your breath away. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, with an appreciation for the stunning scenery that the mountains bring, this is a spot that you may just want to wander off to and stay a while.

That’s why you choose Whistler.