New Notebook For Wandering Scribes: The Adventure Log

One of the greater aspects of traveling that doesn’t come up in conversation that much these days, is coming to terms with all of the culture and related information one can find on any trip. Be it a favorite restaurant, a certain picturesque street or even random recollections, a traveler has always sought to get and retain this info within the moment. While technology these days has made it a bit easier, for many travelers, nothing beats the comfort of jotting down notes on paper. To that end, a new product has arrived on the scene just for those traveling scribes.

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The Adventure Log is the result of a collaborative effort by Word. Notebooks and clothing company Bradley Mountain. Both companies emphasize a focus on real and sustained expression of spirit at the core of what they offer. Bradley Mountain, as a clothing company, puts a premium on creating specialized products in line with a person’s particular craft. Word.Notebooks is in fact a smaller venture run by the founders of the website Cool Material, who looked to create notebooks that were handy, pleasing to the eye and able to contain all of the pertinent info a person would come across in a neat fashion. A shared love for the passion that craftsmen had for their products generations ago and the communal artistry that sprang forth from it led the two entities to work on The Adventure Log.

The journal itself was designed in-house at Word’s USA location. The Adventure Log is sold in packs of three and comes in either a Wes Anderson-inspired canary yellow or black. Every notebook carries a blank space on its front cover so you can accurately number and title them as chronicles for your meanderings. It is crafted to slide easily into any pocket for ready use, and comes in under fifty pages in total. On the pages inside, users will find spaces available to make notes on where they are, the date and time and even the conditions on the day of entry. The Adventure Log is now available for purchase at Word.Notebooks’ website.