Storm Electric Bike: The World’s Most Affordable eBike

A recent trend has been taking the Internet by storm – the Storm eBike, that is. This high-tech bicycle is gaining supporters left and right with its unique capabilities and shocking (in a good way) price tag. They have even surpassed their initial goal of $75,000 and have raised a total of $3.2 million within 10 days.

Developed by Storm Sonders and Jon Hopp, the Storm eBike is your basic two-wheeled bike, with an attached battery-powered motor, that will make even the harshest of commutes a walk in the park.

Storm Sonders, the creator, had thought of the idea for this bike after he had seriously injured himself surfing one year. Due to his new lack of mobility, he came up with a concept for a bike that would make getting to and from the beach easy, and less stressful on his condition. He teamed up manufacturer Jon Hopp, and the Storm eBike was born.

The Storm eBike features all-terrain wheels, perfect for any condition – even snow. The tires are the largest and widest on the market and provide an experience “like riding on a magic carpet.” In addition to the larger wheels, the eBike also features a lithium ion battery and 350-watt gear motor, allowing speeds up to 20 mph – the true stars of the bike. The battery has the capability to charge fully in about 90 minutes and will give you a cruising range of 50 miles on a full charge. Not only is the battery quickly replenished, it is even rechargeable using solar power.

Whether you are on the beach, mountain trails, or streets, the Storm eBike has got you covered when it comes to comfort, style and efficiency. Its gel padded seat and ergonomically contoured rubber grips will have you sitting pretty throughout your whole ride.

On their campaign website, the eBike is priced at a cool $599 – a limited time offer. It retails for $1299, so you know you are getting a bargain. It is available in 4 different color combinations: black, blue, yellow with green wheel accents, and black with yellow wheel accents. The Storm eBike is set to commence manufacturing on March 15th this year, and plans to ship out orders beginning May 1st.

To order your Storm eBike, or show your support for their campaign, visit their page.