She Is Not My Sea

Ocean air and salty hair has always been one of my favorite things in life. The sea and I have always had a strong connection, ever since I was a little girl. At just a week old, I was exposed to the magic of the beach. Sandy buns and seafoam covered toes was a daily outfit for me as a child.

Yet, despite all the moments I spent by the sea, I never developed an appreciation of my relationship with her until I said goodbye. With my life packed up in one suitcase and a duffle, all I had left of my beautiful sea was a bag of shells. Plopped in the middle of the desert in Arizona, I had no access to my childhood best friend.

Now, I’m not complaining of my change of environment. The desert is a different kind of beauty that I never would have been exposed to had I not moved. But anyone who grew up by the ocean would know the type of craving I have. The smell of sea mist and the touch of cool salt water has an instant calming affect, like a comforting hug between a child and her mother. Trips to the neighboring state of California bring me no solace despite the similar body of water. Though both of the Pacific, she is not my sea.

This past trip to Hawai’i was no different. Not even on her best day, she managed to attract an audience, as she created set after set of amazing surges of water. Winter; however, is drawing to a close. Like Arizona, Hawai’i is warming up to its usual heat. And as if she could sense not just winter’s conclusion, but my departure as well, my longtime friend waved a remarkable goodbye.

As much I hate leaving, the sea has taught me much. Like anyone who holds a spot in your heart, she is always with me. The sea may recede from time to time, but she always returns to kiss the shore. Winter may be at its end, but I will see my friend again.

Wave Goodbye to WinterPhoto Courtesy of Shelby Ohashi-Sides