Acticheck Assure: A Revolutionary Personal Alert System

A recent trend has peaked our interest! Found on Kickstarter, the Acticheck Assure is swiftly gaining followers for their funding campaign. This gadget is the world’s first continuously monitoring personal alert system. “It’s a ‘fit & forget’ smart-band that gives peace of mind on your wrist.”

Acticheck is the first endeavor for founder, Karl Gibbs. In addition to Gibbs, its other founding members are Simon Etchells (Head of Business Strategy and Marketing), Bill Garland (Embedded Programming Engineer), and Mark Marsden (Radio Technologies Engineer).

This waterproof and shockproof smart-band connects to a home base station, and has the capability to connect to a smartphone’s GPS, allowing the wearer of the Acticheck Assure to locate themselves within a few meter radius. In addition, it features a battery that requires no recharging, that will typically last 2 years.

The smart-band continuously monitors the user, giving them complete independence and freedom. The band sends a pro-active alert to designated persons in the event of an accident or health concern and also helps people who may feel vulnerable when they’re on their own. For example, elderly men and women who could potentially find themselves in an emergency situation, like a bad fall or heart attack, can connect with family, friends & neighbors when needed. Whether you are home alone, out for a walk, working late or traveling, the smart-band provides peace of mind to all its users.

The Acticheck Assure is easy to monitor on a simple web-based “dashboard” and works by recording information from the wearer. Users are also able to raise alerts on the smart-band for various purposes – to remember medication, for example, or even to notify medical personal when there is no response from the user and emergency services are needed. Due to its connection with a highly reliable medical frequency radio, The Acticheck Assure is truly a “smart-band”, capable of recognizing hard falls and understanding temperature changes.

The Acticheck Assure is expected to sell for £190 ($217) – with no additional subscription costs, unlike other similar products on the market. If it successfully reaches its funding goal of £25,000 (approx. $28,500) by February 26th, the final product is expected to go to market in Summer 2015. Until then, the makers of the Acticheck have only a little ways to go as they have already collected £14,488 (approx. $16,500) in funding.

To support the Acticheck Assure campaign, or for more information visit their campaign website.