The Cycliq Fly12: The Perfect Bike Accessory

Recently trending online is a unique gadget that would do wonders for all you cyclists out there. From the makers of the Fly6 (a rear bike light with a camera that watches your back and provides safety), comes the Cycliq Fly12 – an integrated, high-powered safety light and HD camera for the front of your bike.

This easily rechargeable gadget is a 1080p HD camera and 400-lumen front light in one compact and nifty unit. The Fly12 features a sleek and simple design with a battery life of up to 10 hours (using camera only mode) or 6 hours (using both camera and flashing light mode). The Fly12 can capture and store your ride in case anything happens OR can be used recreationally by simply recording your journey and all the views you get to see, and saving them for you to look back on.

Not only is the Fly12 perfect for your safety and own recording, but it also as the unique ability to connect to a specially designed smartphone app, via Bluetooth, that will allow you to upload, save and even share footage with your friends. This can be done with linking your app to any social media platform.

The Fly12 was “made by cyclists, for cyclists. It has features and functions that we need. It is not a half solution that only works some of the time!” According to the makers, cycling is a great experience for many reasons – whether it is for transportation, fun, exercise, or even sport, the Fly12 is perfect for any type.

Due to the fact that most of cyclists are riding on roads along with other vehicles, it is imperative that they have a proper light for all times of day and night that will make them visible to other cars. The high-powered light has a total of six settings. Three are different levels of brightness for flashing light mode, and the other three are for the normal constant on mode. This way, they are at less risk for being accidentally hit.

The Fly12 is also perfect in all weather conditions due to its protective encasing using Nano technology. This is the latest and greatest accessory for everyday cyclists and is best paired with the Cycliq Fly6.

The funding campaign for the Fly12 has already been successfully funded within a matter of days. Their initial goal was $245,000 AUD (roughly $192,000) they have well surpassed this goal and have raised $526,744 AUD (roughly $413,000) and still have time until their campaign ends. To show your support, visit their page.