Surfer Family Finds Balance On and Off The Waves

Ohana means Family in Hawaiian, For Crystal Dzigas and Anthony Hall, Family has a special meaning: love, support, parenting and surfing. Crystal, a Hawaiian Native and Anthony from Australia are engaged, they have a beautiful four year old son and they are both world class surfers.

Crystal is a World Longboard Tour competitor and a lover of Noseriding, or walking out to the tip of the board while surfing. Crystal is of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Lithuanian descent and grew up in Honolulu, her diversity comes from the diversity of the Islands, people from all over the world came to Hawaii to work in the Pineapple plantations and they all lived together. Anthony is a world class barrel rider whose star in the Surfing world is continuing to rise. Crystal and Anthony are raising their family in Hawaii, attracted by the world class waves and laid back attitude.

Anthony explains just how important family is to him “Being a father means everything to me. My son Damian drives me everyday to do better and work harder.”

Dzigas and Hall support each other in their respective careers on the waves. They travel to each others events and seem to merge family and the sometimes unconventional lives of pro surfers seamlessly.

The two are finding success both at home and on the waves, In 2013, Anthony was on the covers of two surf magazines, he won the overall performance award in the north shore “Wave of the Winter” competition, and  appeared in the surf film “Live from the Moon.” Crystal won the Roxy Waikiki Classic Pro in 2012 and acts as a pioneer in women’s longboarding, continually pushing the limits of the sport which has long been dominated by men. Their playful and easy attitudes allows them to work together out of the water in their family life.

As the two continually embark on their life together, their isn’t much they would change. Crystal explains, “I have the perfect life, I have my family, I go surfing, I’m doing what I love, I’m where I love, I can’t imagine life any better.