Countdown Ticking on New Apple Watch | Release Date

Wearable Technology is a growing trend that will one day become part of our everyday vocabulary and way of life.  One of the most highly anticipated and talked about pieces of such tech wear comes from none other than APPLE.  Apple needs no introduction but what is currently making news for the company is it upcoming release of their most personal device, Apple Watch.

We’ve done an Apple Watch Roundup for you here at Clapway, providing you with resources and links gathered together in one place, to help give you a better estimate as to the specifications, release date and some pricing details.

First, let’s get intrigued!  Watch this video clip brought to you from Apple Films: Apple Watch Film

Quite a thought provoking video that makes you consider owning one as soon as it comes to market.  Speaking of which, release date is schedule this fast approaching April.  There has been speculation that Apple ordered five to six million units ahead of the aforementioned release date.

For a hands on First Look with someone actually using the watch functionality, it pays to have a look on this impressive video as well:  First Look Apple Watch


  • The Apple Watch is estimated to cost $349.00 for the sports model and for the stainless steel watch about $500.00.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.00.35 AM


  • The Apple Watch will be made available in 1.5in and 1.7in screen sizes but no info just yet on display resolution.
  • A version of iOS will run on the watch.
  • Touch navigation but also a mechanical wheel for additional control called the Digital Crown.
  • “Taptic Engine” improves the mapping experience.
  • Siri to speak commands from your wrist.
  • Retina display with a feature called Force Touch, which determines how hard you press the watch.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support, WiFi and Magsafe wireless charging support.
  • Battery life not yet announced.


There’s definitely a strong play on the Health and Fitness aspects for the watch.  The company does seem to have an interest in tracking fitness and activity monitoring. People in the Health Industry are talking about the possible potential for some of the following monitoring app capabilities on the smart watch:

  • Show blood glucose levels for Type 1 diabetics by showing an easy-to-read graph on the display.
  • Respiratory Health Tracking.
  • Breathalyzer Readability after a night on the town.
  • Monitoring Runs for exercise and weight loss.
  • Heart Monitoring.

The idea of being able to use particular apps that are health related can be a significant way of building positive habits which will in turn generate an easier way of being productive.

The Apple Watch isn’t the first watch to hit the market for wearable watch technology.  Other company contenders in the space have been Pebble Smart Watch, which first got its humble beginning on Kickstarter and has built a significant community of support. In fact, there most recent Kickstarter Campaign is all the rage.

As wearable technology grows the hope will always be for the consumer to benefit and evolve into new and exciting ways to live our lives.