5 Ways To Get Through TSA Stress-Free

The most annoying part of traveling by plane is going through security. It can be a long, time-consuming process. Here are some tips to make going through airport screening a streamlined, stress-free process.

1) Have your liquids and electronics in an easy-to-reach spot
Some airlines require you to remove your bag of liquids and iPads/laptops/tablets. Keeping these items in a place where you can easily remove them means less time fumbling through your bag.

2) Try not to wear jewelry
You never know when those pesky earrings will set off the metal detector, and there is nothing more annoying than having to go back and remove every piece of jewelry you own only to put it back on a minute later. My advice: pack your jewelry in a bag ahead of time, and slip it on after security.

3) Wear layers and shoes that are easily removed
Often times, security will request that you remove your coat, bulky sweater, or shoes. Try to avoid wearing coats that have complicated buttons or lace up boots that take a few minutes to put on.

4) Double check your bags and pockets before you get to the airport
Forgetting your Swiss Army knife in your bag you took camping, or your lighter you usually have in your pocket, can turn into an embarrassing and time consuming interrogation from security officers. Make sure before you leave the house that you don’t have anything packed that could even remotely be considered a weapon.

5) Be polite
This goes without saying, airport security has a stressful job, and kindness and cooperation can go a long way. Do all that security asks of you, whether it’s opening your bag or getting a pat down. Remember that their job is to keep you and other passengers safe.

Going through airport security is a necessary part of traveling abroad. Though it is the least enjoyable moment of your trip, taking the above measures can speed up the process, allowing you to start your vacation on a good note.