Do You Miss Me, Too?

I need to get away from here. I’m not running away from anything or anyone. In fact, I am in a great season in my life at this point – enjoying my relationships in the workplace, at home and elsewhere.

But I’ve had my fill for now. Yes, I love my family and friends, but it’s time that they go about their days without me and focus on their affairs on their own. It’s time to spend time with myself.

I need to remove myself from all the chitter-chatter, hours-on-end banter and boisterous laughter with friends and family. I need to get to that place and headspace where I could swim in my pool of thoughts where nobody else may touch these waters and create ripples. Only I can make my own waves here.

I’ve been having moments in my days and nights lately when my body would long for distant places unknown to me yet. My feet want to be warmed by the grains of sand between my toes, my ears want to be tickled by the song of the sea and the birds all around, my eyes want to take in the vastness of sunlight, the clouds and the stars splattered all over the sky.

In a week’s time, I’ll be dropping work to go traveling alone for nine days. I’ll be headed to Metro Manila – the capital of the Philippines. Manila has served as home for me for seven years (because I just had too much time enjoying the university life). The main purpose of going back to this place is to watch the concert of one of the British musicians I admire very much. As early as last year, I already booked the tickets for this gig. Then, as I was canvassing for budget airline tickets, I thought of going up the mountains north of Metro Manila. I thought of Baguio and Sagada.

So, that’s it. I’m going to be traveling alone to watch a concert and get lost in the mountains.

I need this. I want this. I’m ready to spend nine days of just taking my time in different places without the pressure of having to speak to someone. I’m ready to dance silly by a cliff and scream my feelings out until tears start welling my eyes.

I’m ready to revel in my silence. I’m also ready for strangers to disrupt that silence. Yes, there’s nothing like shared space and a spontaneous conversation with a stranger on the bus, in a bookstore, a café, a diner or even along the street.

Oh, traveling alone, how I’ve missed you!