Helmet Cam Captures Man’s Seizure While Skydiving

One of the most gripping videos getting watched on the internet currently is of a skydiver Christopher Jones having a seizure mid-way through his jump.

We witness the heart pumping video through the point of view camera on Skydiving instructor Sheldon McFarlane’s helmet.  The most gripping part of the video for me was when you see Christopher Jones getting further and further away into the distance, while plummeting towards Earth.  A few seconds go by while watching the video, where I found myself questioning if he would be reached in time.  The instructor goes after him through the sky and you need to watch the video to see what happens!

Christopher Jones went into seizure and blacked out for approximately 30 seconds before coming back to consciousness at 3000ft and safely landing in the Pinjarra Drop Zone.  Sheldon McFarlane’s WA Skydiving Academy training kicked into high gear to open Christopher’s parachute sooner, despite the fact that the chute would have deployed on its own at a certain point in the fall regardless.

Jump Facts Breakdown: November 14, 2014

  • Jump initiated at 12,000 feet
  • Attempting a left-hand turn at 9,000 feet, Christopher’s seizure took place
  • Next 30 seconds in black out
  • At 4,000 feet above ground, Sheldon McFarlane pulled the ripcord
  • At 3,000 feet Christopher regained consciousness
  • Christopher lands safely in Pinjarra Drop Zone.

It’s scary enough for most to jump out of a plane with a parachute but blacking out mid-way through the jump is absolutely intense.  Much respect goes out to the instructor Sheldon McFarlane who saved this young man’s life.

Epilepsy Association of Western Australia chief executive Suresh Rajan said seizures could be unpredictable and triggered by stressful situations.

When people who are prone to seizures are in stressful situations, it can act as a trigger to induce an actual seizure.  It is apparent that the stress of jumping out of a plane is most likely what was the trigger for Christopher Jones.  Christopher had not had a seizure for four years and felt he would have been fine jumping out of the plane.

Ever have something go wrong in an already dangerous situation?  Please share with us below in the comments section.