Travel Tips For Families This Easter

Easter holiday is the best time for parents to let their children have fun and enjoy the sightseeing activities under the heat of the sun. However, traveling usually means spending a large amount of money. Here are some actual tips on how to enjoy your Easter getaways without sacrificing much of your savings, courtesy of

1. Oonagh Shiel, a staff member at, advises booking tickets earlier than the usual. This is one way to get tickets cheaper. In fact, Ms. Shiel suggested that it is best to book the tickets eight to 15 weeks prior to departure.

2. Netizens recommend removing cookies on your browser. This is an effective way to get low cost tickets by helping travelers avoid ‘distressed purchaser’ fares.

3. Another thing to consider especially when traveling with children is the time of the flight. It is said that travelers should always check and consider all information presented on their tickets. Late night and early flights may be difficult for kids, so using is the most convenient way to manage your time. This is because the site shows smart values that strikes low price tickets to convenience of time. Also, many low cost airlines have additional fees like luggage and food. It is best to bring some yummy snacks on the plane to lessen spending money while in transit.

4. Also consider bringing toys and books to keep your children entertained. However, bring only the things that are truly needed and try  to pack as lightly as possible.

5. Here are a couple of suggested hot deals this Easter:
– Book a trip to Phuket, Thailand with prices ranging from $999 for children and $1,415 for adults. It includes an eight-night accommodation in a superior room at a four-star hotel.

– Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa offers the best nights in Hawaii at only $1400 per person with price of flight included and seven nights of accommodations.