Ford Unveils “MoDe” Electric Bike | Gear Review

Ford has unveiled two of its MoDe electric bike prototypes this week during a press conference at Mobile World Congress.  The two versions by specific name are MoDe:Pro and the MoDe:Me.  Both e-bikes are equipped with a number of smart features that connect to the Apple iPhone 6.

This was a Ford company initiative, where employees were called upon to bring their ideas and designs to the table for what ended up appearing at MWC.  The Ford designers who had their work turned into prototypes are Paul Wraith and Bruce Southey.

Both come with 200-watt motors and 9-amp-hour batteries that deliver pedal-aided speeds of up to 25 km/h (16MPH). Ford also revealed its iPhone 6-compatible MoDe:Link app that lets you use a combination of cars, trains and e-bikes to commute.  The e-bikes peddle on their own when your heart rate goes up, can fold up for storage and have sensors on the back that let riders know when a car is coming too fast from behind by vibrating to let the rider know, and flashing lights to alert the driver to the oncoming car.   There is navigational capability, letting riders receive handlebar vibration, signaling left or right direction.  There is even two types of horns, a quiet one for pedestrians and a louder sounding one for vehicles.

Have a look at the Ford Mobility Project Video

The MoDe:Me, is created for the urban commuter. A smaller version of the two; it can store inside a car trunk or be carried alongside onto a bus.

The MoDe: Pro, is created for courier delivery type services; coming with a rear track for transporting items.  This added feature is terrific for bikers who want to cover distance, make a pit stop for lunch, before cycling back home.

Though all of these are in its early concept stages, Ford hopes that its smart technology will improve the commute of everyone on the road. Whether or not these e-bikes will take off, however, is still undecided.

Ford maintains global experiments for their Innovate Mobility Challenge Series, inviting developers around the world to create solutions for mobility challenges in England, Portugal, North America and South America, Africa, India and China, with the series continuing in Australia this year.

For additional resources and information on everything that is going on with Ford’s MoDe, visit the Ford Smart Mobility.

Other e-bikes are out on the market as well.  You can also take a look at some other companies that are combining and connecting your phone to your bike such as Gi Bike, Pedego, and VisioBike.