Spark: The Affordable Fully-Equipped Electronic Bike

Electric bikes have been trending everywhere recently, and there is a wide selection on the market that we can choose from. The problem is…where do we start? Bikes with electric capabilities are naturally more costly. Some electric bikes, fully loaded, are sure to break the bank. That’s where the Shocke Spark comes in – the truly affordable, fully equipped electric bike.

This inventive electric bike was designed with affordability in mind, while maintaining quality and efficiency. It is equipped with a 350W motor and powered by a 36V 12Ah high energy-density lithium-ion battery. Between these two components, the bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 32 km/h (approx. 20 mph) and distances of 70 km (approx. 43 miles) on just one charge.

Spark also features a control throttle with a 7-speed gear changer, as well as, premium disc brakes on either wheel. These components make Spark perfect for any type of terrain, and an all-round great ride.

In addition to all that power, and control, safety is the highest priority when designing anything meant to be ridden. In order to ensure that the rider is visible to all other motorists, Spark is set with turn signals, controlled by a wireless controller that is attached to the handlebars, and a tail light that can project an illuminated bike path. There is no more need for letting go of the handles to make a signal!

Spark’s most unique feature is its LCD backlit display that indicates speed, distance traveled, battery status, etc. All of the important information you need, right at the tip of your fingers.

Another great aspect of the Shocke Spark is how simple it is to use. Switching out batteries and recharging them is a breeze and the bike’s battery will be charged in no time, once plugged into an outlet. When it’s fully charged, snap it back into the bike and you’re ready to go!

“Spark is not the $500 electric bicycle with an exposed motor and cheap parts, waiting to be replaced in a few years; it is not the $5000 electric bicycle with a built in computer that boasts gimmicks you might never use.” Priced at $1799, it is the best value for all the unique features that could easily cost you more. Catch early-bird specials if you visit their campaign page – you can save hundreds of dollars!

With the simplicity of a conventional bicycle, and functionality of so much more, Spark will be a joy to ride wherever, and whenever. Their campaign has already collected fans from all over, and at this rate, Spark will be out in the market very soon.

For more information, and to show your support, visit their page.