Experience Responsible Tourism In Montenegro

Selecting the perfect hotel for your trip abroad can be a tricky and time-consuming process. For the most part, travelers are concerned about two things: how to get “the best bang for their buck” and what their hotels can provide for them. So before making the commitment to book a stay, a few obligatory questions are necessary: What amenities are available? How accessible is the hotel to the local attractions and the airport? And most importantly, Is there a pool?

We don’t blame you for asking. After all, the unnecessary stresses that come with traveling only intensify when you can’t retreat back to a comfortable and forgiving hotel at the end of a long day. But while most accommodations provide excellent services to cater to their clients, only a few can simultaneously focus on responsible tourism.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “responsible tourism,” according to The International Centre for Responsible Tourism, is about making “better places for people to live, and better places for people to visit.” Essentially, it is a holiday that factors in local communities, culture, as well as wildlife conservation and the environment.

September Hotels, an Ecotourism Company, is dedicated to this mission within the Kotor and Tivat area in Montenegro. Its goal is to share the spectacular diversity of the marine environment with its guests who visit from around the world. In this way, the company can ensure the protection of the area’s rich natural heritage, while simultaneously sharing the benefits of ecotourism with local communities.

However, participating in responsible tourism doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice those precious amenities: a vacation is a vacation after all. In fact, September Hotels connects travelers to two exclusive getaway destinations: the 5–star Eco Hotel Carrubba and 4-star Art Hotel Galathea. More information about both are found below:

Art Hotel Galathea – 4 stars
Although housed in an 18th century stone building, the Art Hotel Galathea is fully equipped with modern amenities, such as a flat-screen satellite TV, free WiFi, BBQ facilities and concierge service, among other things. It is located just 10 meters away from the beach, 8 km from Tivat Airport and is very close to Kotor Old Town – the best-known Montenegrin sight.

Eco Hotel Carrubba – 5 stars
Located near Porto Montenegro, this hotel is nestled in a refurbished 19th century building that has been renovated to include advanced green technologies, as well as geothermal heating. Enjoy a day relaxing in the sauna, drinking wine at the on-site restaurant, and shopping at Tivat’s center – located only 1.5 km away from the hotel. Once you’ve purchased a souvenir (or two, or three), retreat back to your lodge to take in the view, as all the rooms overlook the sea.

Regardless of which hotel you end up selecting, rest assured that your experience will be as rewarding as it is relaxing when booking with September Hotels – a company whose “greatest privilege is to share [Montenegro’s] incredible wilderness with [its] guests in a responsible manner.”