Blue Freedom: Yours With The World’s Smallest Hydropower Plant

Of all the fixations you could have, a passion for generating eco-friendly, renewable energy from natural resources isn’t half bad. Just in time for hiking, camping, and be out and all about season comes a new type of eco-design: earth element based charging product.

Introducing Blue Freedom—a compact hydropower plant that’s easy to use for storing portable electricity. It’s the smallest and lightest hydrodynamic turbine ever created. With the power of flowing water, anyone can generate energy both economically and responsibly while preserving our precious biodiversity. It has a USB charging plug compatible with all types of devices—cameras, MP3 players, camping refrigerators, tablets, smartphones—just as long as it has a rechargeable battery.

From Munich, Germany, the powers behind Blue Freedom take strong interests are in social impact, the future of the environment, and natural energy. The vision behind Blue Freedom’s creation was to allow the millions of people around the world without access to the power grid the freedom to generate energy independently.

There’s been a wave element based charging products for the connected adventurers. Like the youngest kid with a handful of ambitious, entrepreneurial elder siblings, its successful predecessors have similar qualities. Mainly, being completely free of fossil fuels. Other similarly successful Kickstarter renewable energy based charging products includes 2013’s FlameStower, which converts fire into portable energy. There was also Trinity, a tiny, portable wind turbine of the same function funded on Kickstarter last year. Their founded success is the basis for

With Blue Freedom, there’s no need to completely disconnect on your next camping trip, outdoorsy excursion. Amazingly, just one hour of Blue Freedom in moving waters equates to 10 hours of stored power for your smartphone. A hydropower is a great alternative to solar energy because whatever the weather conditions, flowing water—however shallow–is all you need. No need to choose between the two as you can include a solar panel to its USB charging plug.

To support Blue Freedom and learn more about their eco-design and vision for a clean future, visit their Kickstarter here.