TrackR Bravo Won’t Let You Lose It

For $29, a tiny gadget called TrackR Bravo will keep track of your stuff so you don’t have to.

TrackR Bravo is a small, round aluminum tracking device that works with your smartphone to help retrieve lost items. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It runs on an inexpensive CR1616 battery.

The device is a bit larger than a quarter. It comes with a keychain, which allows for the device to be easily attached to a set of keys. TrackR Bravo comes in four different colors: rose gold, steel (silver), sky (blue) and black. For an additional $10, you can have an engraving added to your TrackR Bravo.

The tracking device works with a free app called TrackR Crowd GPS to help locate items. On the app, each of your TrackR Bravo devices can be matched to the item it’s attached to and named accordingly. The list is loaded with icons to assist you, such as an icon for pets, cameras, and etcetera.

Whenever the TrackR Crowd GPS app is opened, it will re-pair itself to the items each TrackR Bravo is attached to. Each item’s location is saved on a map so that if the item is within a larger distance of you, it can be found using the GPS. If you happen to lose an item that you’re certain was right next to you a second ago, you can press the item you’ve lost on the app and a sound will come from the TrackR on the item. You can set different sounds for each item, and the volume can be controlled from your smartphone. A message on the phone will alert you as to whether or not the item is close by, near, or distant.

And don’t fret if you lose your phone in your room or under the sofa. You can have a TrackR Bravo just for your phone. Keep it with you and you can set the app to make the TrackR Bravo ring whenever your phone is too far away from you. Yes, this means you’ll be able to hear your phone being stolen from you, if that ever happens to be the rather unfortunate case.