No More Drunk Texting With Drunk Mode

You won’t have to wake up the next morning with a hangover and drunk texting regrets if you use the new Drunk Mode app. Just the usual hangover.

Users aged 17 and over can now download Drunk Mode for iPhone and Android to prevent them from making irresponsible decisions and help them stay safe while drinking.

The app, which currently has over 300,000 downloads, allows users to block certain contacts for three, six, nine, or 12 hours before they go out drinking. The only way to unblock the contacts is to prove your sobriety by solving a math puzzle. How very classic.

As soon as you tap on one of your smartphone’s blocked contacts, a “Drunk Quiz” pops up on your screen asking you to solve the math puzzle. After answering the math problem correctly, the user can chose to unblock the contact they were trying to text or call by clicking “Submit disable attempt.” However, if the user doesn’t answer the math puzzle correctly and they still would like to make the text or phone call, they will have to try to solve a new math equation to unblock the contact.

In addition to saving us from drunk texting fails, Drunk Mode also allows users to track their drinking buddies. If their buddies use the app as well, they can put them on a list that will allow them to see their location on GPS via the app’s Find My Drunk feature. The list can be generated from the contacts on the user’s phone, or from their Facebook friends.

Users can also use the Breadcrumbs feature to see where they went during their night out. The Breadcrumbs can be shared over Facebook, Twitter or via text.

The app’s latest update allows users to find an Uber ride home and get directions to their friend’s location. Developers plan to release features to view girl to guy ratios at hotspots in an area and real time happy hour specials.

The app requires iOS 7.1 and up or Android version 4.0.3 and up in order to run.

Looks like there aren’t anymore reasons to resume drunk texting or calling that ex-lover, because Drunk Mode sure won’t let you.