New Water Filter Wants You to Get Naked

New Water Filter Wants You to Get Naked

LiquidityNanotech is a company that has designed a new water filter that they think will change the world. They call it the Naked Filter and it really is revolutionary. Even though water filtration technology has been improving, easy access to drinkable water is still a huge problem in the world. About 4 million people die every year due to water related diseases.

Check out there really cool video here that does a fantastic job of explaining their product:  Naked Filter Video

In comes the Naked Filter to try and save the day. The product is brilliantly designed in many ways both large and small. The filtration system takes the form of a bottle that filters as you drink. The water flows through the filter at a rate eight times faster than other water filters. This means that you can just drink from it as you would any other bottle instead of waiting for the water to trickle through.

The Naked Filter’s innovative design uses a process called electro-spinning to create their filtration membranes. It is cheap, fast, removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. That’s a lot of nines.

Liquidity says that their filter works with any non-salt water. Because of the portability and ease of use of the Naked Filter this means that it can be useful for many different types of people. Hikers can now get safe drinks from streams. Foreign travelers can drink any water they might not be used to. And the filters economic efficiency will hopefully make it easy to get it to third world countries that are most in need of this technology.

As of this writing, Liquidity’s kickstarter is halfway to being funded. If you help their kickstarter they are offering early bird discounts. The bottle with a Naked Filter is planned to retail at $23.99 but you can currently get yourself one for only $10.

The world is still struggling to make water an accessible thing for every human being. We’re a long way off but hopefully Liquidity is making a large step in the right direction. Please visit their campaign and help them take a step for all of us.