This Family Robot Aims To Connect Families Together

BOCCO is a robot that connects family members together via wireless internet. Aptly called BOCCO “The Family Robot,” it is designed to allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones while you are away from home. Created to be user friendly; this robot sports easy to use features that both the young and old can master.

This new innovation in the world of robotics aims to make traveling and being far from the family a little more bearable through their custom built features such as sending voice and text messages through the BOCCO App, which you can download on your smart phones. Messages can be recorded or sent through the app and your BOCCO robot will play or read the messages out loud. It also has a motion sensor feature that informs you of any activity in the house.

Simplicity is something that its developers aimed to deliver and showcase in its overall design and look. He only has 2 buttons: “Play” and “Record,” which your kids and other family members can use to record, playback and send messages. How would your receivers know if you have sent a message through the app? BOCCO has distinct ways to notify them: his eyes would blink and his head would shake! Another fun feature to take note of is volume adjustment – and you can do so by simply twisting his cute, little red nose.

You can also check out and review the project’s concept through this BOCCO: The Family Robot Concept Video.

The BOCCO Kit will come with a BOCCO main unit, a motion sensor device, 2 AAA batteries, a piece of double sided tape which you can use to attach the sensor on your wall, door frame or on any flat surface, a strap for your motion sensor and an AC/DC adaptor. You also need to download the BOCCO app on your smart phones and tablets to activate the unit and for you to be able to start sending messages to your loved ones.

Currently, BOCCO: The Family Robot’s creators have a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $20,000. So far, the campaign has garnered a total of $9, 443 from 59 backers. If you are interested in backing this project, you can choose to make a pledge of $179 and get 1 BOCCO unit with a built in motion sensor. Pledge an amount of $1000 or more and you can get a BOCCO Kickstarter Limited Edition unit, which will be customized by a Japanese artist, based on your preferred color and design. For those who will be ordering the “Kickstarter Edition”, the kit will come with an orange BOCCO.

BOCCO: The Family Robot is definitely for parents who have to work far from their kids. You can also keep your sight impaired and elderly loved ones safe with the help of this little robot.