eGranary: A Library In Your Pocket

Much of the developing countries have little amount of food for its citizens, almost with no education and no internet access which means no opportunity. “Five billion people cannot wait for the Internet,” said eGranary, the company behind the project Pocket Library, a collection of over thousands of educational web-based resources that are customized according to its user’s needs, which is developed by The WiderNet Project. The project aims to bring quality education through curated, reliable libraries that can be stored in pockets, through chips. With the campaign to end April 18, 2015, the company is hoping to bring these ‘seeds of knowledge’ to people who need them the most all around the world.

Anyone can be a part of the cause being an ambassador of knowledge. For those who wanted to travel with a deeper integration with the community and society: bring your own curated, reliable library in your pockets. You’re not just going to travel, enjoying nature’s varying bounty across the globe, but might be helping people transform their lives. Made to be used in places with no Internet access, eGranary Pocket Libraries aim to deliver the right information to the right hands and at the right time, according to their campaign post at Indiegogo.

The people behind Pocket Library are dedicated to bring good education to everyone, and with the chip, storing verified and customized resources will be easier for the librarians, teachers and volunteers. Addressing the problem with global education in the digital era with high costs of Internet connection for developing countries, eGranary is not just reaching out to the far flung people but to those who want to participate in ‘bridging the digital divide’.

The WiderNet Project is composed of experienced digital librarians and computer programmers who curated the resources into chips. Started March 19, 2015, the campaign now has raised $17,851, 15 percent of their target. With the project’s release successful, those who love to read can bring their own reliable library and go as far as they want without worrying for Internet access and share knowledge to give opportunities to other people.