Get More Out Of Strolls With Map My Walk App

Many people like to go for a walk for exercise or to take their dog out, etc., and now there is a walking app called Map My Walk that will help them to travel around the neighborhood in style. Map My Walk works for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.
Map My Walk is a free walking app that will show users how far they have walked. It also calculates how fast you have walked, calories you have burned, gives the elevation statistics of the route, and even gives you a map in real time of the route you walked.
The app has voice feedback during your travel and tells you the pace and speed as you walk. The app also is capable of saving the user’s stats so they can use the data to keep track of everything and try to do better on their next walk, thereby keeping the users healthier.

It even offers a nutrition section within the users can track the food they eat and the water they drink, as well as enter their weight. They will be shown the amount of calories they should take in and it counts down to show how many are left as you enter the foods you eat during the day.

If users have a Facebook or Twitter account, they can use the Map My Walk walking app to share the details of their travel on the social networks or invite their friends to download and use it to travel around their own neighborhoods. Plus, if the user creates an account at the Map My Walk’s website, then they can share their route or search for other routes in the nearby area.

Another interesting feature of the Map My Walk app is that it also can show the user the closest bathroom facilities, places to park their cars and even where to stop for refreshments. In addition, it can give the user access to their phone’s stored music files and even alert someone when they need to buy a new pair of walking shoes based on the number of miles they have walked. It can also be synced up with devices like a heart monitor or other fitness sensors, and there is a non-free upgrade available that gives users access to live coaches, audio coaches and interval training sessions.

Map My Walk walking app is very user friendly and is known to be a very popular download amongst similar types of walking apps. So, if you like to walk and want to get more out of your daily stroll, download the Map My Walk walking app for the next time you travel around the block or beyond.