Mapping Out A Perfect Euro Road Trip

When you are visiting Europe and want to take advantage of your dream vacation, a Euro road trip may be just the trick. Planning the perfect Euro road trip can make your trip special, as well as completely personal as you would be better able to pick where to go and what to see. To make it easier to determine the best way to do this, Randy Olsen, an American scientist, has developed the perfect route in which you see everything and save time doing it.

The goal is to set up the Euro road trip so that you can see everything that you want to see and not spend so much on gas and travel time. The way that Randy Olsen has set it up, you are able to easily cover all of Europe within 45 stops. This includes Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, and many others. It is truly the all-encompassing European trip.

For serious travelers, this trip could not be any better. With the whole adventure taking only 14 days of actual driving, it helps save travelers the money that they would be using crisscrossing and going back over routes they already traveled to see something they missed. By having a great plan in place ahead of time, travelers will be able to see everything and save money doing it.

When seeing Europe, the recommendation is to take 3 months to do it so that you can truly enjoy everything that this amazing part of the world has to offer. From French cuisine, to Spanish dancing and Irish pubs, there is no telling what you will discover or who you will meet along the way.

The actual trip that Randy Olsen has set up for prospective travelers has the Euro road trip going in a certain order of events. To start the adventure, travelers would set off from Innsbruck, Austria, and would then proceed to all of the other countries on the list. The idea is that at each planned stop, of which there are 45, but there could be more based on the driver’s itinerary, that there will be a marvelous, historical landmark waiting for the traveler. This means that no matter where you end up, there will be plenty to see and do. This helps you avoid the confusion of where to stop for the night as well, as it is all planned out.

When it comes to seeing Europe and enjoying everything that this continent has to offer, there are few better ways to do it than through a once-of-a-lifetime Euro road trip. By taking the time and effort to do this, you will see a part to Europe that few ever see and get to enjoy all of the marked history and rich culture that each country has to offer.