TRIX: World’s Smallest Power Strip

TRIX is the world’s smallest power strip. About the size of your palm, this was a power strip designed to be ultra-portable, convenient, simple, and innovative. This achievement is evident considering just how easily TRIX can join you on any of your travels–business or pleasure–in your suitcase, carry-on, and even your handbag. No more fumbling around the room for outlets, hoping to find enough power sources for everything and everyone.

The TRIX power strip is a also excellent for everyday-use. It’s both portable and versatile, it can sit atop your desk or in the middle of the floor. In your home or work office–and even a cafe.

So many of us have been to popular cafe (perhaps a Starbucks) in search of a source of power for their laptop or smartphone. Now, you stand a chance of being that hero with the TRIX power strip.

You can just see it now:

TRIX: World's Smallest Power Strip - Clapway

From Taipei City, Taiwan, their mission and view has been to share power with ease. The TRIX power strip originated from the simple idea of wanting to supply power in a beneficial way people, wherever they are. The founders of TRIX took care in designing their power strip with usability research, wanting to be understand how people use their home appliances and daily electronics, and in turn how they can improve peoples lives through their intuitive products.

It comes with multiple cable lengths depending on your needs, and both SUB charging ports (two of them) and (three) AC outlets. Its also beautifully designed and will be coming in multiple colors as you can see in included pictures. They are even planning some beautiful special edition colors (lime green and aquamarine).

TRIX: World's Smallest Power Strip - Clapway

TRIX made a portable power strip for people to share their ideas with ease, discuss business with style, and travel with convenience. Its useable in North America, Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan, but plans to make power strips for use in other countries as well.

With the belief that true friendship begins with sharing, the TRIX power strip is definitely is definitely a connector in every sense of the word.

Get connected by supporting the TRIX power strip via their Kickstarter campaign here! With about a month left, they hope to raise $76,000 AUD (about $59,000 USD) to fund their beginnings.