HIIT Bottle Can Handle Your Protein Shake For You

Have you been looking for the perfect bottle to keep you hydrated before, during, and after your strenuous activities? Check out the new HIIT BOTTLE by Christian Valencia. It is the most suitable protein bottle for highly active people who are currently dealing with smelly protein shakers and highly disposable plastic water containers.

The HIIT Botttle’s features include a tight vacuum seal that will never allow spills, a matte cover to fight against condensation, double wall of stainless steel inside to keep the liquid insulated despite of its temperature, and a 3-dimensional shaker ball that prevents clumps from forming due to the protein shake powders that are placed inside.

Furthermore, it is 100% BPA free which means that your protein shakes will not be contaminated by any plastic chemical, harmful to the body’s nervous system (especially the brain and prostate glands).

The HIIT BOTTLE can hold up to 650 ml. or 22 oz. of liquid. Its rounded interior design on the bottom edges prevents accumulation of extra protein shakes and therefore does not allow bacteria growth which causes the nauseating foul odor that usually stays on your protein bottles after several days of use. Since the HIIT BOTTLE is manufactured to be long lasting, this means that you will not have to spend additional charges just to buy your new protein shaker every four or six months.

No matter how remarkable its features are, the size of HIIT BOTTLE is very manageable because it can still fit in the standard-size cup holders on your car, side of your desk, et cetera. It also has no problem with being washed in the dish washer because it is easy to clean. The matte cover also prevents stain and bacteria build up on the outside.

The HIIT BOTTLE has been tested for protein shakes for three months since it was first created on November 2014. Fortunately, the team developers of the protein container has generated fulfilling results even under extreme situations with high/low temperatures. HIIT BOTTLE shipping in the US and Canada is free but shipping to places aside from these two countries will cost minimum shipping fees depending on which country you are in. The developer says that orders placed should be expected to arrive after three to four weeks.